Q2 2020

Use a booking platform, loaded with your rates, to win business and save money

Fast and accurate quoting is key to winning business. However, the quoting process is often time-consuming and expensive. It requires countless call hours and endless emails to get the right buy rates to quote and win a shipment – before the buy rates change again! In the ocean market alone,...

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Boost your growth with outsourced marketing

As companies develop their growth strategies, management teams increasingly recognize that outsourced marketing can be an efficient instrument to achieve their revenue goals. Therefore, a growing number of companies are farming out marketing operations and analytics. Data mining, client database and lead management outsourcing are growing fast. Dynamic pricing models...

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Dynamic Pricing – Pros and Cons

Pricing strategy is a crucial aspect of a business that directly affects sales and profitability. If a company sets prices too high, customers may choose to buy the services of its competitors, while low prices can lead to lower revenues. A Dynamic Pricing strategy tries to find the optimum price...

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