Q1 2020

Digital technologies will reinforce forwarders

Freight forwarding will naturally persist since an intermediary function is expected, alongside the continued deployment of the industry’s platform potential. Incumbent operators who succeed in digitalizing their business become digital forwarders. Digital forwarders encourage shippers to entrust them with their goods by offering guaranteed capacity, relative price stability, liability and...

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Freight forwarders believe digitalization will benefit their business

Technology is changing rapidly and the freight forwarding sector is feeling the benefits. In a recent IAG Cargo survey, 70% of freight forwarders expect the rate of technological change to increase in 2020 compared to a year ago, and 81% of freight forwarders believe that technological innovation will have a positive...

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Digital transformation in the Freight sector will hit $145 billion by 2025

Digital technology creates new or modifies existing processes, culture and even customer experiences to satisfy changing business needs and market demands. Digital transformation, especially in the Freight sector, helps a company to stay competitive in a market that is continuously growing with the evolution of technology. The global market size for digital...

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